Miss “I AM NO LYE” Shekia Renea entertains her fans with fun quips and jibes on natural hair, fashion, and life. With her artiste -like style, Shekia has stimulating words to share and uses her Youtube to Vlog about it. Learn her interesting and captivating story on her hair.

What is your name and where are you from?
My Name is Shekia Renea. I am from Arkansas and I currently live in Memphis, TN

Tell us about your Vlogging and your hair journey.
I started Vlogging the day after my Big Chop originally to share my new venture with others who were going through the same process. Cutting of all off my hair was terrifying, I felt like the ladies on Youtube would help motivate me to feel as though my decision was not crazy, but courageous. After months of recording my journey I discovered that I myself was motivation to those very women I looked to for strength.

What is the #1 message you want to convey to your fans.
The #1 message I hope to convey to my fans & subscribers on Youtube is that we as women tend to look at the women in magazines and on television wishing that we looked like them, where the same size as them, or had hair like them. Instead of wishing to become someone else except the beautiful woman God uniquely designed you to be. We are all perfectly… imperfect but take yourself the way you are… Flaws & All.

How long have you been natural?
I have been Natural now 18 months. That time seems like it flew by. lol

What made up your mind to go natural?
Honestly, I had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and felt like I wanted a change… inside and out.

How did you do it? BC? Transition? What was your technique?
So, I woke up one morning grabs the scissors and started cutting my hair. No transition. No Nothing. Just started cutting. Actually I had just relaxed my hair a week before I BC’d. I have to say that was the most freeing experience. I felt like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt New.

What do your peers and family think?
My family freaked out!!! Especially my father. He really didn’t like it. He even went so far as to tell me I looked like a boy. Lo. I had a very low fade (boy cut)

What are your favorite products for washing, moisturizing, and conditioning?
My favorite products would have to be any thing Shea moisture makes. I love Hello Hydration Conditioner by Herbal Essence, Giovanni Leave In Conditioners are great and I cannot forget Knot Today by Kinky Curly. I love all of those. Honestly, I have been using all of these since my TWA stages.

What is your favorite hairstyle for hair growth?
My favorite hairstyle would have to be chunky twist-outs. What I like to do is wear the twist for a few days as a protective style before actually doing the twist-out.

What advice do you give to people transitioning?
Well, since I did not transition.. lol No really. I would just say to make sure you keep your hair moisturized by there being two textures.

Where can we get in contact with you?
You can reach me at Shekiarenea@gmail.com of course on my Youtube Channel Shekiarenea by subscribing. I also have a FB like page “I AM NO LYE” Twitter Shekiarenena.. keep it simple lol

Where shall we see you in the near future with your brand and Vlog?
In the future I hope to see my vlog grow to a wider audience of women not so much for the sake of having a large following but in order to be able to reach out to more women who are afraid of being who they were created to be. I am one who firmly believes success & knowledge is great but its greater when you can pass that knowledge & success on to help someone else.

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