Sand, surf and sun! If you’re one of the lucky few who has been on or is going on vacation this year, I’m sure you know how jealous we all are are. What you may not know are the cardinal rules for hair-care while you’re out of town. Many of us will slip on our normal routines because we’re out of town and hey-who has time to wrap hair after a night of cosmos and clubbing? We’re going to share with you all of our vacation hair do’s and don’ts. Keep reading!

Don’t: forget your headscarf. I know that after a night of drinking and dancing it seems way easier to fall into bed without wrapping your hair. Fun is exhausting but even more exhausting will be trying to detangle your hair after you get home with vacation hair.

Don’t: forget to protect your hair from the sun. If you’re one of the organized ladies who whips the sunscreen out of your beachbag to spray everyone down before catching a wave, more power to you! However, most people don’t realize that hair can be damaged by sunrays and your scalp can even get sunburned! We protect our hair from heat damage caused by flatirons and curling wands with heat protectant but how can we stave off sun damage? Throw some scarves and hats that coordinate with your swimsuits in your suitcase, and while you’re out on the beach, spray some sunscreen in your hair and on any exposed parts of your scalp.

Do: look for trial sizes of your usual hair products so you can breeze through security. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in another city without your holy grail hair products and having to shell out for new ones that you can’t bring through security on your way home. If you can’t find trial sizes of the products you usually buy, you can usually pick up sets of empty travel sized bottles that you can fill up with your favorite products.

Do: keep up with daily moisturizing while you’re away. Too many of us start out a trip with freshly done hair only to come back completely disheveled because we haven’t kept up with our routines. Even if you just run some shea butter through your hair at the end of the night and spritz your scalp with some tea tree oil, your hair will thank you upon your return.

Whether you’re jetting off to an island on the other side of the world, or living it up at home with a staycation, keep these tips in mind. We may take vacations but beautiful hair should be a year round engagement!

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