Split ends, no growth, knots, dry hair, dry scalp, frizzy, sloppy curls, hair styles don’t last; the list of natural hair problems goes on and on. Will it ever end!?  Will you always be at war with your natural hair?

I have two things to reveal to you.

The myth that natural hair is uncontrollable is completely bogus.  Natural hair is certainly manageable; it’s most commonly an issue with one of two things (or a combination of both).  Therefore, I have two reveals for you, let’s take a look.


Unmanageable Hair is Misunderstood Hair

  1. Clueless.  Many curly heads do not have a basic understanding about their curls; they do not know why their hair behaves the way it does and why some products do or don’t suit their curls.
  2.  Confusing unmanageable with hard work. Natural hair requires more love and care if you want healthy hair; it’s not a “brush n go”.  It has personality. Live with it and take care of it.
  3. Doing the most.com. You try to do too much in the beginning stages. Yes TWA babes, enjoy this stage. It’s the easiest stage and a key part of your natural hair journey

Unmanageable Hair is Unloved Hair

  1.   You hate your hair. It’s as simple as that. If you have negative feelings about your hair, they will show up in your hair because you don’t take the time to really care for it.
  2.   No Patience! You always look towards the end of the journey wanting everything right now.  Appreciate every step of your hair journey, being thankful that you have hair.  Don’t take it for granted because some people don’t have hair.
  3. Hair Envy. Trying to make your hair look or behave like someone else’s.  (use another analogy, it’s almost there lol – can a frog look or behave like a hummingbird? Green-eyed hair monster, idk…we might not need anything *shrugs*)

The first step towards taming your “unruly” hair is to get an understanding of your hair. You will be on your way to easier detangling sessions, better styling options, and soft, vibrant hair that even you could not imagine.

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