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Types of Fusion Extensions

Photo Courtesy of Jonelle Stantigo

By Ronnie Williams

Fusion is a method of hair attachment that works by application of weft-less human hair directly to the hair follicles.

Some of the most popular forms are:

  • Strand by Strand: This is a method where the hair is attached by glue gun, using glue or keratin protein.
  • Microlink: In this method, a special tool is used to attach the hair using a small clamp which can be made of silicone or metal.
  • Threading: In this method, hair is applied by wrapping thin durable thread around the base of the hair. The seal is secured with a keratin or glue bond.
  • Cold Fusion: In this no-heat method, the hair is attached to the scalp with a tool that sends a wave through a keratin-polymer bond.

Hair attachment by fusion is recommended for those with naturally straight hair, or hair that grows downward. African American and other ethnic hair types usually grow out or upwards and naturally have a curl pattern, so this is NOT the best extensions for you.

Why? During the growth process, this curly hair can become entangled at the point where the extension meets the hair follicle. Sometimes painful, this can also cause massive hair loss. Product build-up can also cause dirt and matter to gather around the hair bond and make the hair unmanageable and removal nearly impossible with more chance of hair loss.

Overall, in this situation the loss of hair can outweigh any benefits this choice of extension can offer.

Beware, be very aware.

However, if you are going to do it and you can afford it, make sure you go to your stylist monthly for maintenance.

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