It feels like you can’t go online these days without seeing a new way to get “the healthiest hair ever” or “the best skin possible!” The list of tips, tricks, and products to try are endless, and it can be overwhelming deciding what’s going to be best for your hair. So I thought I’d do a little experiment. I tried five common hacks for healthier hair, and at the end of it all, there was definitely one that reigned supreme above the others.

I’ll preface this by saying that what worked for my hair —what made it feel the healthiest, shiniest, and most damage-free — may not be what’s best for yours. Obviously, all of us are individual, with different needs. My hair is long, thick, naturally wavy, and highlighted — so my needs would vary from someone without chemical treatments, who has thin naturally straight hair, for example. So that’s not to say that this is the best hack out there, or that what didn’t work for me isn’t best for you.

I tried five pretty common hacks, though admittedly, I did not try not washing my hair. (I’ve written about it many many times before — I go one to two weeks between washes — and yes, it’s amazing for my hair health.)

Here’s what happened:

1. Taking Hair Vitamins


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