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To ensure a curly style lasts, it is important to take good care of the weave. Different brands require different care, such as the temperature of water when washing the hair. The stylist will also give care instructions according to whether the weave was sewn with thread or attached with liquid bonding glue. However, there are a number of general recommendation that are suitable for any curly weave.

Like any type of weave, a curly weave shouldn’t be kept in for more than three months. After removing, the weave must be replaced as the hair should not be reused.

It is important to wash the hair thoroughly and regularly, as well as the scalp and natural hair, with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner applied evenly through the hair. Avoiding rubbing too hard or bunching the hair prevents the weave from becoming knotted or loosened. Salon products recommended for weaves and creme conditioners give the hair the best treatment, while cheap shampoos and conditioners are often watered down and consist of more detergent than conditioner and may dry out the hair. It is important to rinse and condition hair after exercise, in order to remove the salt from perspiration but shampooing every time is not necessary.

While the drying method used for straight weaves depends on the installation method, curly weaves always need to be air dried. This allows the strands to dry in a relaxed manner, whereas a blow dryer can increase the volume of the hair, giving it a messy appearance.

Like any weave, the hair does not receive natural oils like hair growing from the scalp. By using a leave-on conditioner, after and between washes, the hair is protected from drying out. Additionally, applying mousse keeps the curls in place, while an oil serum will give the hair definition and make it shine without adding grease.

The curly weave can become easily tangled throughout the day – more so than straight weaves. To prevent this, hair should be dampened and then loosened, using either a wide-toothed comb or the fingers, starting from the bottom and working up. A brush is sometimes suitable, depending on how loose the curls are, but it can cause the hair to become frizzy or static, especially when the hair is dry. Sleeping with a silk scarf around the head can also stops the hair from becoming tangled and helps to keep the style of the weave. This also reduces the risk of a cotton pillowcase from affecting the shine of the hair.

As with any weave, it is better to dye the natural hair to get an exact match. Applying any chemicals to the weave makes it frizzy, dull and difficult to manage.

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