Experts and stylist love to introduce new hair growth techniques or regimens, especially if you think your hair is ‘supposedly‘ genetically coded to grow to a certain length and just stop.

But the truth is, going back to the basics will win at the end. Regardless of your ‘regimen’, to really push forward and get the results you want, the list below will benefit you in the long run.

Drink More Water 

This has been said over and over and over again. But, some seem to not to follow this simple task.

  • Try getting a large bottle water and refill everyday and take it with you everywhere you go, just sipping here and there until completion every day.
  • Also, at every meal, just replace your soft drinks and sodas and just drink water. Your body and hair needs to stay hydrated. Hair happens to really love water. It’s kind of like plants, the more you water it, the more it will grow.

Be Active

Run. Walk. Jump. Do something to get your blood cells flowing and circulating.  If your hair is stagnant, then maybe your body is stagnant.   If you hate working out, then get some friends to do some Zumba or just dance while cleaning your home. At minimum, 3 times a week for 30 minutes would be a good start.

Limit your Stress

This is generally a hard task for someone with so many responsibilities. Believe, I get it. But, if you have absolutely no time, take ten minutes to just sit still or maybe a warm bath with Eucalyptus bath salt to ease some stress. Stress tenses your body and cause circulation issues resulting shedding. If anything, just breathe slowly once in a while.

Protect It

Once you discover your regimen or a method for hair growth, protect it like you are protecting gold or your new baby. Get the best wrap to keep the moisture in whenever you are home or going to sleep.

Eat Healthy

As we move more towards healthy eating in the 21st century, the importance of eating is extremely important. Remember, food is the only material that we choose that goes inside the body. So, choose careful. The best types of foods include anything green and/or anything that grows from trees natural. Yes, you guessed it, fruits and vegetables. Make sure that is added to every meal you eat.

Following these basics will improve your overall health for the body and for your hair. You will see results within 2 weeks.

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