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One of the reasons I was so at ease when starting out on my Natural hair journey in 2010 was because as opposed to 2004 when I first began to experiment with my Natural hair – there was now this phenomenon called Youtube where other young women travelling the same path as me, were recording it for the world to see.

I took to studying Youtube tutorials on how to two-strand twist, how to Bantu-knot, how to deep condition, etc. And I watched as many Natural vloggers hair transformed from big chop to big beautiful mane.

For those of you who may have lost the spark where your Natural hair is concerned, here are a few amazing Youtube vloggers who helped me through my transition with their amazingly informational tutorials, kindred spirit Natural hair rants, and infectiously warm personalities:


I discovered MsAriella89 about two years ago and immediately loved her honest earlier videos when she began her transition. She was in the same place I was: confused, frustrated and so over her relaxed hair, yet confused, frustrated and so over that awkward transitional phase where the relaxed ends won’t quite curl and the Natural roots are super puffy. Since our hair types are somewhat similar I was able to utilize most, if not all of her style tutorials. Check her out!


I enjoyed MyInvisibleChrysalis from the very first video. Her camera presence is hilarious and her Youtube channel is diverse with videos about her natural haircare as well as various types and brands of wigs that she uses as protective styling. She also tackles skincare and healthy eating.  Her channel is perfect for those who want a fresh and unique take on overall health.

Urban Bush Babes

Cipriana and Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes are my absolute favorites when it comes to explaining different methods of hair care and why various products are good/bad for your hair. They are two friends with very different hair textures but a common love of natural hair care and they dedicate their site to sharing their experiences, regimens, and favorite products/methods with viewers. You should definitely check them out.


Naptural85 tremendous hair growth from the beginning of her Natural hair journey until now is absolutely fabulous.

I was drawn to her site by her creative and easy methods of protective styling – everything from two-strand twisting to creating the perfect summer beach curl.

Her videos are very simple and easy to follow with a fresh look and tons of great tips and tricks. You’ll be happy you spent a little time on her channel!

Who are your favorite Natural hair vloggers?

La Truly is a late-blooming Natural haired Aries whose writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome and fear can cast its crown before courage. Armed with the ability to purposefully poke fun at herself, La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change through her writing. Check her out on her blog: and Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly.  


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Vissa Studios celebrates hair care and fashions. We love to share the latest hair trends, celebrity hairstyles, tips, how to's and more information on ethnic hair through web, video, events and other multimedia platforms.


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