Caring for hair appropriately is essential for women with naturally curly locks and the top 3 hair forums on line for black hair community will enable interactive conversations relating to keeping locks in good condition.

1. –, also known as KCCM, is run by a woman named Jenell who has an aim to inspire women of different ethnicities to embrace and make the most of their black hair. This is the best out of the top 3 hair forums on line for black hair community. Learning about hair care regimes, useful products and various hairstyles is easy through Jenell’s colorful and easy to use interface. Visitors can sign up to KCCM to be a part of the online forum, where any black hair related discussions can take place. Video tutorials can be found on this website, as well as galleries and information relating to the website owner’s journey. 

2. – enables visitors to sign up and receive updates on all curly and black hair news, as well as a free eBook. Members can view archives, resources and fantastic natural hair recipes that benefit the hair. Furthermore, this website incorporates regularly updated posts from the site owners, which keeps visitors returning constantly. News feeds and the opportunity to contact other members on this website makes it the perfect resource to meet new people in the black hair community.

3. – combines curly haired style icons with events, galleries and a marketplace. This marketplace is perfect for up-to-date products that benefit black hair. A forum is also available when visitors sign up. On this forum, fellow black haired women can post images and new topics, which other users can rate or comment on. Groups are also available to participate in on this forum website, ranging from ‘African naturals’ to ‘Brazilian naturals’.

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