Genie locs, also known as yarn braids, are temporary hair extensions that can be incorporated into your hair by using basic soft yarn when you braid. You can use any type of soft acrylic yarn in any color. Because yarn is generally only around $5, this is a great inexpensive option to use when you want to add length and style to your hair while still being able to protect it. If you are not familiar with the technique, consider some of these suggestions on how to do genie locs.

Consider the length that you want your extensions to be and mark this out on your yarn. Take that length and double it before cutting.

When you have the doubled length, proceed to cut several more pieces of yarn to that length. How many you cut depends on the amount of extensions you are putting in your hair. Before braiding, ensure that your hair is clean, dry, and without any tangles. Section your hair with a comb to create braiding space. Grab your yarn at the middle so that both sides are even and create a loop.

Place the loop next to one of the sections in the back of your head and then pull the sectioned hair in through that loop. Hold on tightly to the loop at the top and section off the hair and yarn into three sections for braiding. Proceed to braid your hair as you usually would. Repeat on all of the necessary areas of your hair and then close the braids with elastic or by burning the ends of the yarn.

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