Have you ever wondered what are some tips on doing your own dread locks for short hair? Even if your hair is very short, you can form dreadlocks in it.

Begin by parting your hair in sections. You can choose to do them in a uniform grid or freestyle using your fingers to create the sections. The size of each parted section will affect the size of each dread so keep that in mind when you are creating sections. The larger the section, the bigger your dreadlock will be. Use a rat tailed comb for creating uniform sections or a large tooth comb for free styling. Once you have your section made, secure it with a tangle free rubber band. You will want to continue making each section until all head on hair is complete and banned individually. Now comes the fun part. Starting near the nape of your neck, remove the rubber band from one section at a time and apply a small amount of wax or a wax alternative to the section. The more hair you have, the more wax you will need. You want your hair sections to have a small amount of wax, but don’t over do it. The wax helps keeps your sections together while you form your dreads. You can find the wax products in a beauty supply store or from online merchandisers. Once you have applied the wax, form your dreads by twisting the hair together using the flats of your palms. Use the rubber bands to secure each section as you finish them. Large hair clips are also useful when sectioning and rolling to keep the hair sections away from each other. Shorter hair may not hold the rubber bands, but the wax will help keep them in sections. You can also use black bobby pins to help keep them in place.

Now that you have those great looking dreads, keep them clean by using a non-residue shampoo. Soap residue can build up on your hair making it harder to keep them dry. Focus on keeping your scalp clean. During the first month, you should only wash them every three to four days. After one month, wash every two days. If your hair is shorter or you have removed the rubber bands, wash your hair through a nylon cap. This will help hold the shape. After washing, remove excess water by pressing a towel to your hair and head to soak up the water. Do not try to comb them out. Use a small comb to put stragglers back into the sectioned twists and use a hair drier is necessary to keep them as dry as possible, Air drying is great, but do not sleep on wet dreads or wear hats on a wet head. They must be kept as dry as possible to prevent mold from growing in them.

Even short hair can be formed into great looking dreads and as they grow out, they will continue to look great with continuous twisting, waxing and maintenance. With these great tips, you are now ready for a great new look.

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  1. Chris

    Who’ve been growing my dreads for 6 weeks I retwist them every 2 weeks after 2 or 3 days they get so frizzy that I can’t even see my baby dreads it just looks like a frizzy fro.. Is this natural? Please answer and heeellllppp!!!!..


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