Vissa Model Celeste "Sunshyne" Burgess, student and entrepreneur, shares her tips on choosing a wig that fits you and how to maintain it.

Comfortable natural fit is just as important as the styles of the wig. Good quality wigs are usually lighter in weight , due to high quality Synthetic Fibers made with Kanekalon. Japanese Kanekalon is known as the best so far, they will tangle less, and hold its style/curl even after washing.

You also have to consider skin complexion, shape of the face, even the eye color and shape of the eyebrows to find the perfectly matched and naturally balanced look.

I recommend bright-colored wigs for lighter complexion, dark reddish or brown for darker complexion, which works for me since I am kinda dark. Round and lot of volume for oval face shape, slender longer wigs for round face.

To select the best wig


  1. Remove the wig from the box and place it on wig stand, mannequin head (yes, I have mannequins…lol)
  2. Check to see if the wig moves freely. You should be able to comb or brush the wig with ease.
  3. Make sure Crown, the top middle part of the wig, is not bulging out.
  4. Split down the top down part of the wig should not be tight, that you cannot comb.

Simple Maintenance Guide

  1. Brush the wig with cushion metal bristle wig brush.
  2. Fill the basin with cool or warm water, and add wig shampoo or a drop of fabric softener then follow-up with shampoo for the smell.
  3. Soak for 5-10 minutes, gently swish the wig, never rub it.
  4. Rinse thoroughly in cool or warm water.
  5. Apply conditioner with finger tips and Rinse it again.
  6. Gently squeeze the excess water out from the wig, Do not twist or rub the wig.
  7. Use towel to blot the wig , gently.
  8. Use fingertips to loosen tangles or knots.
  9. Place the wig on wig stand to air dry.

The wigs that I prefer to use at the moment are New Born Free and Its A Wig. But, if the wig speaks to me, I will get it, depends on the feel and texture and color. All of these things go into my care of my wigs. I enjoy changes so i mostly use synthetic to accomplish this goal.


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