There are a number of common reasons why teens shy away from going natural.  When you know which reason applies to the teen in your life, you can encourage her to make the choice that is best for her.  If you approach the topic carefully, your help will be appreciated.

Peer Pressure

One reason why teens shy away from going natural is young people want to look like their friends.  A teen’s sense of belonging is attached to not looking different.  If your teen’s friends have not decided natural is a positive choice, your youngster may have a difficult time deciding this for herself.


The media is another reason many youngsters do not want to go natural.  If the celebrities your child looks up to process their hair to make it straight, your child may believe this is the only definition of beauty.

Don’t Know How

A third reason is simply not knowing which products work best for a natural look.  One way you can encourage her to try natural is to help her select good products for hair care.  Rather than experimenting with a variety of products, help your youngster begin using products that work.

While natural is indeed very beautiful, encouraging your youngster to make this decision can take time, patience, and effort.  One idea is to show her photos of all the famous people who have chosen to go natural.  When she sees how wonderfully it works for them, she may decide to try it for herself.  She will develop a new sense of pride in her appearance, and truly love the way she looks.  In addition to a lovely appearance, she can grow up with a strong self-esteem and confidence.

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