I was in search of the perfect protective hairstyle for what seemed like ages. I tried clip ins, ponytails, full wigs, half wigs, cornrows – the works. Then, in January of this year YouTube introduced me the wonderful world of Marley twists. Though it took me about four tries over the course of a few months to perfect the Invisible Twist Method, I eventually became a pro as my fingers learned how to simultaneously twist in opposite directions and perfect the twists atop my head. I decided to opt for Marley twists because Marley hair less expensive and more readily accessible than its more expensive sister – FingerComber.com’s exclusive Havana hair which is only available by internet purchase. I had done enough research and I was ready to try the twists. I fell in love with particular type of hair and style because of:

  1. Price – I go to my local beauty supply store and grab as many bags of hair as I need for $4.99 per pack. NOT BAD!
  2. Accessibility – No matter the brand of Marley hair, all the textures are pretty much the same. So, I can run into any of the 50 local beauty supply stores and grab what I need. Brand is no issue, location is no issue.
  3. Functionality – I LOVE the fact that these twists need little maintenance while installed! Everyday or every other day I simply spritz the twists and my scalp with a nice little moisturizing mixture and voila! That’s it!
  4. Ease of styling – I normally wear my twists high atop my head in a gargantuan bun but have been testing out other simple styles lately – and most of those only require a hair tie!
  5. Protection – This style REALLY protects my own hair from the elements…and my own fingers. All I have to do is make sure that my hair is moisturized within the twists and that’s it. It’s such a time saver. It also keeps me from worrying about doing length checks every two seconds. I can just leave my hair alone!

What I don’t love so much about Marley hair/twists:

  1. Synthetic hair allergies – I have an allergy to the alkaline base that coats synthetic hair. This causes my scalp to itch. BADLY. So I do have to go through a whole process of removing  that base by soaking the hair in apple cider vinegar for about 45 minutes before I rinse and wash it with a bit of shampoo.
  2. Prep time – To avoid those allergies, I have to soak the hair, rinse the hair, wash the hair and hang dry the hair. This whole process is a bit time-consuming but I usually just do it the day before I plan on installing my Marley twists.
  3. The take down – This is my biggest concern with Marley hair. When I am untwisting the twists, the hair can get very tangled around itself. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s my hair and what’s the Marley hair and there have been a few times when I’m sure I snapped a strand or two of my own hair. Yikes! The take down has to be done VERY gently!

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and I adore using Marley twists as a protective style. My hair has grown so much over the past few months as a result of using this protective styling method and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more it will grow this year. I plan on Using this style for four or five weeks at a time, then allowing my hair to breathe for a week or two and then reinstalling the twists through the rest of the year. Have you ever tried Marley twists? What was your experience like? What advice do you have about achieving this protective style?

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