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When you really think about it, hair can become a complicated subject.

The Hair Type Chart for Natural Hair:

It is common for people with straight hair to want curly hair and people with curly hair damage their hair to get straight hair. Each hair type has its advantages and disadvantages, you will see as you go through the entire hair type chart. Straight hair is often associated with flyaways and frizz but it is typically easier to style and maintain. Curly and kinky hair often tends to attract frizz and is harder to maintain but once a style is set, it can last for a long time. Curly and kinky hair also requires a lot more moisture than straight or wavy hair.

When talking about hair and the four main types on the hair chart, there are also a few sub-categories such as fine, thickoily, dry, and normal which can occur in any of the above hair types as well as high or low porosity.

All of these factors can help you understand more about your hair. It is always best to have a great relationship with your hair. Once you learn more about the hair type chart, the stress styling and maintaining can go down.

Whatever type of hair that you may sport, there are ways to get the best performance from it once you learn the hair types.  Your hair can survive some abuse, but it is best to always be mindful of the state of your hair and the best way to care for it.

Learn More About The Hair Type Chart Natural for Hair

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