The nape is one of the most challenging regions of hair for the black woman. No matter what your style, nape hair can drive you crazy with its tendency to frizz, curl and just generally disobey. But rest easy – there are affordable ways to combat this common problem and sport that smooth and gorgeous bun or ponytail in no time flat.

Many women swear by Aloe Vera Gel when it comes to getting their nape to obey. Simply smoothing some on paired with leave in conditioner can get the job done. You can then use a boar bristle brush to further calm the edges, and then do your hair into a bun or other up do.

If your nape hairs are long enough, try putting them in small, feminine braids and then securing with barrettes or bobby pins. This is an adorable addition to any hairstyle and can look good on a variety of hair types and ages. Some professional hair product companies, like Bed Head, make smoothing sticks perfectly suited for the nape of the hair. These are great options if you have a little extra cash to spend and experiment to see if it works well with your hair type.

Finally, never underestimate the stylish influence of the scarf or head wrap. Scarves can be casual or formal, put on for just a little while to tame the nape, or worn out on the town all day long. This is a fun and girly way to make those hairs behave while still looking gorgeous and confident.

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