Bad hair days happen – in fact, for the majority of women they are unavoidable. Whether you wake up late, haven’t had time to get your color touched up or your tresses just won’t comply – there are some quick and easy cures to help you cope.

Grab a headscarf like Tyra Banks – they come in endless colors and designs, and can really bring out your other features like big beautiful eyes or a slender, appealing neck. Hide all of your hair or wrap only a portion of it to get your hair under control and on with your day. For the latest hair scarf fashions, check out Veronica Champman’s My Crowning Jewels. You can purchase some of the most fashionable head dresses out there.

Never underestimate the power of braids – Like in Azealia Banks “212” music video, french braids in particular are wonderful when it comes to unruly pieces of hair, and you can easily curb their rebellion with a tight and neat braid. Work it into a cute updo and add accessories to give the braid a more mature look.

Finally, just give up and wear a hat! While many women may feel this to be a major fashion faux pas, today’s diverse styles couldn’t make that further from the truth. So pick out a hat you love and flaunt it fashionably. Depending on the weather, you

One hint: It’s best to ask your employer about hats if you are unsure about dress code in your office – the last thing you want is having to ‘fess up to your bad hair after it’s too late for Plan B.

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