With the time, patience and finger work that it takes to cornrow your hair, you want your style to last. Use these helpful tips to keep your cornrows looking good.

Firstly, your cornrows shouldn’t be too tight. Excessive pulling on the hair can cause breakage. Use a deep moisturizing treatment prior to braiding, and keep hair moisturized while it’s braided.

Grease your scalp and use an oil sheen or braid spray, like African Pride Braid Sheen Spray. A braid spray will also fight the frizzies.

If you MUST wash your cornrows, keep them covered with a stocking cap or net while doing so. Use a product like African Pride Braid Spray-On Shampoo. After washing, remove the stocking cap and moisturize your braids.

Also, wear a scarf to bed to minimize friction and protect your style. No matter what your hairstyle, a silk or satin scarf should be worn while sleeping.

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