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Hot, Sassy, and Classy Valentine Hair Styles!

Valentine’s Day still ranks number one as the most celebrated holiday for lovers. When it falls during the weekend as is the case this year, you might want to do something  extra special for yourself and try a new look. Have you been admiring a cut, or feeling like a color change might help to break the winger blues? Go for it. Whether you are V-Day plans include a night of dinner and dancing, or staying at home in front of cozy fire place you  deserve to feel good. [...]

February 15, 2014 2014 Hair Trends, Braiding, Celebrity & Hair Trends, Celebrity Hair, Hair Styles, How To, Natural Hair, The Latest
The Return of The Curls

That Girl is On Fire: Keenya Kelly and Return of The Curls

It seems Keenya Kelly came alive when she decided to go natural. Entrepreneur and Blogger Keenya Kelly is making waves in the hair community with her Events Company, The Return of The Curls. Learn more about her story. What is [...]

December 7, 2012 Hairstory, The Latest, Vissa Models
Jaimee Foxworth Hair

Celebrity Hair: Jaimee Foxworth

If you are a true 80s baby, then you remember the show Family Matters also known as the “Urkel Show.” Well if you paid attention to the Winslow children, besides for Laura of course, you would have noticed Jaimee Foxworth [...]

December 5, 2012 Celebrity & Hair Trends, Celebrity Hair, The Latest
the truth about natural hair

Secrets About Going Natural

The natural hair journey is a rewarding and identity-affirming one. Health benefits are numerous, and the accompanying glow that can only come of a reconnection to one’s roots is worth the re-orientation process. There are some portions of the experience, [...]

March 26, 2012 Going Natural, Natural Hair
goddess braids hair

Corporate Hairstyles for Black Women: Goddess Braids

    Goddess braids look amazing for corporate jobs and can protect natural hair especially if you are a busy bee.  These braids can last for at least 3 weeks and looks classy. Find a Salon near you to achieve [...]

March 20, 2012 Braiding, The Latest, Vissa TV
cornrows hairstyles for black women

Do cornrows hurt? And if so, how can I prevent them from hurting?

Do cornrows hurt? And if so, how can I prevent them from hurting? Well, here is the answer: yes, unfortunately cornrows can hurt. It does not matter what texture your hair is, or what style you are going for. If [...]

March 20, 2012 Braiding, Cornrows