St. Lucian stylist, Nina Rene is reaching for the stars as she continues to sheer her hair  talents throughout the New York Metropolitan. Her style is edgy and believes the death of hair is in No-Lye Relaxers.

How long have you been in the hair industry?

I have been in the industry for 6 yrs

What sparked your interest & what keeps you intrigued today?

The excitement of doing my own hair fueled my interest to pursuit cosmetology especially since my High School offered the program for free.

Describe your most bizarre hair moments.

My most bizarre hair experience was applying a relaxer on an over dramatic 10-year-old. She cried and wailed and begged the lord for forgiveness. Funny thing is I barely applied and any relaxer into her hair and she wasnt burning. Come to find out in the past she had some pretty bad experiences so when ever someone touches her head and tries to comb it she has these flashbacks of pain.

Is there anybody in particular you wish to work with?

I would love to work with Michele Obama, Wendy Williams and Lady Gaga.

Do you have any hair idols or role models?

My mother is my idol.

Have you had any celebrity clientele or wish to go that route?

Yes, I would love to have celebrity clientele…so they can dish some dirt, lol!

Where do you see your business in 5 years? Any long-term goals?

In 5 years, I see myself owning my own shop and possibly venturing in other avenues of the hair industry.

Any hair secrets? Tips? Tricks?

  • Thinning areas and bald spots maybe signs of internal disorders
  • Buy wig clips and sew them onto your hair tracks, it’s a wonderful quick weave,inexpensive,and custom.
  • Women who have recently had babies should continue to take their vitamins. Sometimes the hair starts to thin if adequate nutrients aren’t taken in.
  • Beware of NO-LYE relaxers.

Nina Rene can be reached at and she is located in Queens, New York and does home visits.

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