Hair Stylist, Catherine Miller, has her eyes set to be a celebrity stylist. As a newcomer to the hair, she likes to create magic and can copy any style by simply looking at a picture. I mean ANY style.

How long have you been in the hair industry?

I have been in the industry for about five yrs. I’ve been interested in hair since the age of ten because my mom is a stylist. So she past on her talent to me.

What sparked your interest & what keeps you intrigued today?

My interest is sparked by doing fashion show, photo shoots, commercials, I just love seeing my work come to life on the run way or captured in a pic. I am intrigued by learning more about my talent, there is always room to improve your kraft.

Describe your most bizarre hair experience.

My most bizarre hair experience was when I first got started in a salon, washing hair was not my strong point. I was working at this salon on madison ave, I washed a client hair and when she stood up her entire back of her dress was socked, just dripping with water. Lets just say she was not happy but she still gave me a small tip, which was nice.

Is there anybody in particular you wish to work with or alongside?

I love to work with people, I am working on building a career in the entertainment industry.

Do you have any hair idols or role models?

My role model is my mother because she have over come so much.

Have you had any celebrity clientele or wish to go that route?

I would love to work with celebrities and do personal styling.

Where do you see your business in 5 years? Any long-term goals?

In five years I see me doing personal styling for fashion week, celebs, tv ect. Also I will be on the way to opening a salon.

Any hair secrets?

A quick weave(which is a piece you can hook in your hair) can take you from messy hair day to glam in 30 seconds.

Are you mobile or work in a salon?

I am mobile, I do personal styling, I have worked in a few salons but realize I like working on my own.

Where can we reach you to book you?

I am mobile, I do personal styling, I have worked in a few salons but realize I like working on my own.


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