Being Natural has it benefits. It also has its fair share of obstacles too. Besides, the healthy hair care practices and the ability to create various hair styles, the Natural Curly Hair realm is quite a broad spectrum. Maintaining healthy and lively mane is where the endless work comes into play. When looking to straighten naturally curly hair there are many different options. Choosing which option that best fits your budget, your lifestyle, and your hair’s texture can be a bit of a tedious task.

I conducted a bit of research on this topic. I wanted to see what a few other naturally curly haired folks were doing when it came to them achieving their sleek, straight looks. I received input from Hair Stylist and Naturals from many different areas and backgrounds. I also came across a few home care options to consider for those that choose to style at home. One detail I kept coming across was heat. Heat was the key component of changing curly hair to straight and making sure it doesn’t revert back to its natural form so quickly once exposed to humidity and water. Heat, as we know, used incorrectly can be very damaging to hair.

Straighten Natural Hair

So what is the right option to choose? Below I have listed two of the most popular options and some pointers from different Hair Stylist. There is also a list of a few at home products to consider when maintaining and achieving a naturally straightened look.

Brazilian Blow Out

Kuki Alrawi of AMOY Couture Hair, NYC explains that this procedure is actually something that protects the client’s hair rather than damages it. The concept is simple. The hair is coated with Keratin and Protein in order to allow the heat to do the work of straightening the natural curl pattern and eliminating frizz to create a sleek straight look with every blow dry in less time than a traditional blow-out. With this procedure if you do not like how it comes out you can simply let the process grow/wash out of your hair just after 10-12 weeks of having the procedure done. You are able to maintain your natural curly hair texture but are also able to create smooth, sleek straight hair when desired by simply rewashing and blow drying your hair. The process can be maintained by using any Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner unlike some other Non-Chemical based treatments on the market. This procedure works well with both Natural Hair and Chemically treated hair.

Round Brush/Blow Dry Blow Out

Samantha Snyder of Rebel Revival Hair Co., Baltimore, MD  shares that Blow-drying (Blow Outs) are indeed a great option also. This process allows the stylist to add a needed boost of shine and volume to dull hair. By using a Round Brush and or Styling Brush this helps to lay the hair at the roots flat changing texture’s overall appearance. This option has its disadvantages when used on certain textures. Serums and Straightening balms can be applied during the process to help diminish the appearance of frizz, protect hair from heat damage, and help the hair stay straighter longer. The disadvantage is it cannot guarantee a straight look over an extended period of time. Once the hair is washed again or is exposed to water and humidity the hair will return to its natural form and the Blow Out would need to be repeated if look is desired to be achieved again. To help add a sleeker look Flat Irons are used as desired/needed once actually Blow Drying has been finished.

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