Sisi Nike pronounced, See-see : Nee-keh, is a full-time consulting analyst, blogger, freelance make-up artist, and stylist from Piscataway, NJ. She is a complete experimentalist when it comes to fashion & style and shares it to the world through her popular blog

As a hair changer, she always tries different natural and braided hairstyles. She also executed ‘The Big Chop’ a few years ago and has had an amazing hair journey since then.

What do you love to do?

I absolutely love meeting new, motivating and inspiring people. Of course I love to shop and peruse online stores, thrift shops and vintage boutiques. I love all things related to beauty, fashion and creative self-expression.

What is special about you?

Well naturally, there is something special in everyone. Specifically for me, I’d like to believe that my diverse talents give me an edge. I’m quite the overachiever and I will go leaps and bounds to be successful in any and everything that I do. I graduated with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, currently employed by a technology consulting firm, branching out in to my own beauty and fashion consulting company, oh, and I perform spoken word.

What is your hair style now?

Senegalese twists. I’m glad I decided to curl the ends this time for a more finished look.

Why and when did you decide to cut all your hair off?

I first did the BC (big chop) back in May of 2007 and I started using a texturizer on my “natural” hair. I cut off all my permed her just to have a different style. I wanted to just start over. I was also inspired by my mother cutting off all her hair not long before me and I just thought, “if she could pull it off, why can’t I?” I went back to perms in September of 2008. I did the BC once again in December 2010 and it’s been natural (texturizer-free) ever since. I love my natural hair. But I also loved my permed hair as well. At the end of the day, neither defines who I am as an individual but I am happier that I have much healthier hair now.

What hair products do you use to maintain it?

Shea Butter, Hair Mayo, Hello Hydration Conditioner, Placenta, Shea Butter Pomade for twist outs, Eco styler gel for wash and go’s. I’m always experimenting with different products since my hair has been natural for only 5 months.

Do you have a stylists, if so, who are they and located?

No stylist, I do my hair myself. With the flood of natural hair technique tutuorials on Youtube, I always find a way to style my hair and try new things.

Please tell us your brief hairstory, your journey of hairstyles?

I wore my hair permed ever since I can remember. I loved my permed hair. I loved my doobies. I loved having bangs, blowouts and the like. I’m never afraid to try something different so when I first cut off all my hair four years ago, I hadn’t been aware of all the natural hair techniques and this uprise within black women. The only reason why I went back to perms was because I wanted to straighten my natural / texturized hair to see how long it had grown and I chose to straighten it with a hot comb. It was the biggest mistake ever and my hair texture / curl pattern was ruined. I started perming my hair again and did the “Rihanna” cut (or “Halle Berry” cut depending on your generation) I absolute loved this style because it was always such a slimming hair style for my face. It was girly but tom-boyish at the same time. Once I decided that I wanted to work out regularly, all the sweating did not cooperate with my short cut. I knew it was time to start growing out my hair but I just didn’t think growing it out with a perm would have been the best thing. Surprisingly, I loved the transition process as well. I would condition my hair with Hair Mayo and not wash it out. It left my hair wavy and soft in the summer time. It was the most perfect sun-kissed look for the hot weather. As it grew longer, I began to twist out the top and apply the Hair Mayo solely to the back of my hair to leave it curly; another simple and easy style. When the back was finally long enough to braid, I switched over to weaves for a few months before I finally did the big chop once again. I’m so glad I made that choice! I get impatient sometimes because I want it to be shoulder length but I love co-washing my hair. I love my curls. I love my fros. I love my twist outs. I love, Love LOVE my natural hair. I’m all about healthy hair and I can’t wait to see my hair grow longer, stronger and healthier

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