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Short Straight Relaxed Hairstyles

Vissa Studios Team March 7, 2012 Hair Styles, How To, Relaxed Hair, The Latest, Vissa TV No Comments


To all the beautiful relaxed or straightened short haired women, you are definitely envied for be bold enough to cut your hair.  But, I must mention that it must be a headache maintaining it.

Are you thinking about cutting your hair? There are some pro and cons doing this, especially if you have relaxed hair.

Pros on Going Short:

  • Easier to brush and style.
  • When it is hot, you won’t have to worry about the extra heat from your hair.
  • If you like attention: It draws a lot more attention, as people still expect women to have long hair.
  • You will be saving more money and time when using products. Less hair equals less usage of products.
  • People treat you with more respect. Short hair is an authoritative hairstyle.

Cons of Going Short:

  • Less styling options: This is it, there are not a lot of options like a ponytail, bunning, etc…unless you add in extensions.
  • Maintenance can be annoying, especially if have a specific style. You may have to visit your stylist more than usually.
  • If you dislike attention: It draws a lot more attention, as people still expect women to have long hair.
  • Some stone age men prefer longer hair. That is if you are looking.


If you decided to get a cute haircut, good for you. It will grow back within 6 months to a year if you hate you.

Moreover, Halle Berry’s pixie haircut seemed at one point the style to get. It seems easy to do. Basically, just flipping you hair with a flat iron random ways.

Well, Youtuber 401Gigi shows us how to get this look.

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