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Curling Short Curls with Rollers



Either curling your hair with a 1/2 inch curling iron or just putting in rollers, short rod curls can work with natural and relaxed hair.

*****************Personal Opinion*****************

I started this style using 4 packs of Diane Rollers Foam  1/4 inches in high school. I would wash and roll with setting lotion and moisturizer at night, then take it out in the morning. It would stay in curls for 2 weeks, then I would redo it. I believe I kept this style for 3 months and my hair grew about 5 inches. I barely combed or brushed my hair in those 2 weeks. And when I did, I did it while I was washing and conditioning my hair.

This video by Youtuber Mahogany252 basically explains the regimen I used. However, she uses Perm Rods 1/4 inches instead of foam rollers.


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