By Laura Holton

The rumor that sex improves hair growth is widespread, especially among bald men or those who worry about thinning hair. However, most people do not not know whether there is truth in the myth.

In fact, sex has many benefits, including improving the hair. The author, Dr Howard Rosenthal, Ed.D, writes that “sex is the best medicine, as it “will relieve stress, improve relationships, prolong our lives” and lead to “beautiful skin and hair.”

Scientific studies have shown that the chemicals released during sex directly relate to hair loss. For many people, hair growth can be stimulated not only by sexual activity, but also by the anticipation of it. A case study on sailors at sea showed an increase in hair growth just before they left the shore and slowing on returning to the ship.

There is a cellular relationship between sex and hair. As this is regulated by the hormones, both sexual gratification and healthy hair depend on the body’s ability to metabolize received nutrients effectively and in sufficient quantities. Many herbal supplements, sold as hair vitamins, also enhance sexual health. Nutritionists have shown that vitamin B is essential to keep sex organs and the libido at their prime, while dermatologists maintain deficiencies in this vitamin lead to hair loss and overall poor health. The link between the two is demonstrated further by the importance of vitamins A, C and E in helping with both the sex glands and the hair.

In addition to accelerating hair growth, sex also improves the quality of hair. Sexual activity induces the release of estrogen, which benefits the tone and texture of hair.

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