Seamless Hair Extensions aka Skin Wefts aka Skin Extensions whatever you prefer to name it,  is one of the latest extensions that doesn’t have any lumps.  No more braids, glue, or sewing. But, of course there are some cons to this method. But, before we get into that, let me tell you exactly what it is and what it consist of.

The seamless weave includes hair strands (weft hair) attached to a tape that is prepared akin to a track to a weave to be sewn in.  So, a hair stylist professional or friend parts your hair and attaches to small and skinny section of the hair and tapes it on. Yes, tape, very strong tape. Because you can wash with it and put it up in a pony tail, it can last for a few weeks (2 or 3 weeks) with little maintenance.

However, if you see it falling it out, there is a Skin Tape that can bring it back together.

I recently decided to order 2 packs of this seamless hair extensions from, they call it Skin Extensions on the site. It was a total of $58 for 2 packs which is basically about 12 inches per pack. I wanted to add blonde streaks in the front to blend in with the light weave extension I had.

The end result? Just wasted money. The tape tore out pieces of my real hair. When I saw that on its first application, I completely ended the process.

**********For Hair Types 3 and 4, relaxed or natural, I DO NOT RECOMMEND********

The Pros if done correctly:

  • No lumps or bumps
  • No Braiding or Sewing
  • No gluing
  • No itchy scalps
  • Fast application


  • Breakage
  • Straight hair works better than curly hair
  • If you have a perm, or your hair grows curly very fast, you may find yourself replacing it often
  • More expensive than conventional weaves
  • The tape can tear the hair if no managed correctly
  • Chances are slim to reuse the hair, unless you are extra careful

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