The S-Curl originated from the S-Curl product line of Luster products that is used to give more definition to the hair’s natural waves and curls. The S-Curl activator and moisturizer contain glycerin and vitamin B5 that will nourish hair and prevent hair breakage. The product can be applied daily leaving the hair soft and shiny.

S-Curl is applied when the hair is dry. You pour it on hands and massage throughout the part of the hair that you want to be curled. It works effectively to hairs which are not too short so the S effect can be made prominent. To make more firm curls, you can apply it twice after the first application is almost dried.

Reviews reveal that the product will freshen up hair curls and when the hair crunches, it is the best remedy to regain the best wavy look. Besides, this hair solution is also cheaper compared to other formulas.

On the other hand, there are scalp and hair condition that when applied with S-Curl becomes too greasy. It will indeed give a shine but the hair becomes too oily and will cause discomfort. This is a natural tendency of the kind of scalp and hair one may have as reaction to the product’s components. While it is true that there are a lot of available products for your hair care needs, you better find the one that is best for your hair types for no product is effective for all hair types. It depends on the needs of your hair as well as your personal choice too.

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