Dried out, broken hair from neglected locs and braids can seem impossible to cure sometimes. Some careful steps on how to refresh locs and braids could save you from a social catastrophe. Remember, when braiding not to over tighten the locs or braids. A medium-tightness will keep your hair healthy.

A leave-in conditioner can be a great tool to refresh braids after a hard workout. In addition, you can swab them with an antiseptic like witch hazel. The most important thing to do however is take easy, precautionary steps to ensure beautiful, healthy hair. Apply a diluted clarifying shampoo with a spray bottle to keep your hair clean and fresh. Do this every week or so.

To keep locs and braids intact over night, a nightcap must be worn. Silk or satin scarves work to cover your head, or at the very least, a hairnet can be worn. Follow these easy how to refresh locs and braids steps and your hair will stay clean and untangled.

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