This mushroom weave hairstyle in this photo is a full weave. This hairstyle was blended with two colors, #33 and #6. If your natural hair is already cut this way, you can just just glue or clip in highlighting colors to get this look. Make sure it is the same length. Using a 27 Weave Piece, a color of your choice, is the best option to get in terms of additions.

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MOESHA (Motown Tress) – Synthetic Full Wig

For a full weave, a stylist is highly recommended. Watch the video below to see the actual full weave process and professional cutting. Youtuber TheNXYlover displayed how this style is cut after the sew in was completed.

No Glue was put on her hair. It was protected by a shower cap and stocking cap. Once the hair was installed the shower cap was removed.

  • Bottom was some of the 27 pieces
  • On top was the 8inch
  • Clippers: Peanut Clippers (3rd guard for the cut in the back)
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