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In her upcoming book “Skin Rules” due for release in March 2012, New York City dermatologist to the stars Dr. Debra Jaliman recommends sleeping on a super-smooth pillowcase of 100 percent silk or satin to reduce fine lines in your complexion caused by traditional pillowcase fabrics, such as cotton and polyester. This ultra-comfy material won’t just help you “save face” it also works wonders to keep your hair looking its best by reducing style-spoiling tugging and static.

Yahoo reporter Chris M. Carmichael says her eagle-eyed stylist was actually able to pinpoint which way she slept each night, based on visible thinness on one side of her head, which is apparently another avoidable symptom of cotton pillowcase use.

I’ve personally tried the evolve go satin pillowcase, which has a zipper closure to ensure your pillow is completely encased in moisture-preserving fabric. It comes in seven vibrant hues to match your bedding and boudoir decor: white, ivory, fuchsia, purple, Merlot, coral and geranium red. You can find them in the bedding section at Walmart for around $8 plus tax.

A word of caution from Jaliman, and something to consider if you use acne-fighting skincare products at night: white linens are best to avoid staining caused by benzoyl peroxide, a common ingredient for treating blemishes.

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