Human hair naturally sheds off 100-150 hair strands daily. However, if your hair sheds more than that, this calls for immediate attention. Hair shredding, causes hair thinning. This may occur to several factors—genetics, improper diet, side effects of hair system, and/or harmful chemicals.

Here are natural easy and doable ways to prevent hair shredding. It may not stop hair from falling out,  but it will minimize the problem and prevent it from worsening.

Avoid using rough pillows.

Use satin pillow to lessen hair friction while sleeping. With frequent rubbing on non satin pillows while asleep, hair breakage may occur.

Avoid using synthetic hair products with harmful formulas

Try using herbs and natural products oppose to harmful synthetic products. Make sure to  check the contents of the product so you will be able to search how the particular ingredients will help your hair problems and the effects it may bring if amy.

Thoroughly clean your scalp

Residues from shampoos and other products you use in your hair whether natural or synthetic must be thoroughly removed from your scalp or else dryness and itching may occur. Dry scalp retards the development of healthy hair and may cause some scalp infections and hair breakage.

Change lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle means embracing proper diet by consuming enough fruits and vegetables necessary for healthy hair. Also try shunning away from smoking and drinking too much alcoholic beverages. Exercising regularly helps promote proper blood circulations which helps prevent hair loss.

Avoid Stress

Stress affects ones overall health and some hair fall problems are attributed to too much stress and inadequacy of rest and sleep.

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