The perfect BAA or “big ass Afro” depends upon cut, conditioning, length, and the most important components are shape, shine, and texture. For example, a six inch Afro, the hair should be approximately eight inches in length. It should be blunt cut in graduations beginning at three inches in the temple area to eight inches in the crown area.

First ,shampoo, condition, and blow dry the hair straight. Next, create texture by randomly parting the hair in one-inch sections. Spray lightly with leave-in conditioner. Braid each dampened section tightly and roll clockwise(under) on a medium-sized permanent rod roller. Cover with a silk scarf to control unsecured ends. Allow the hair to air-dry thoroughly, either overnight, or by using a hooded dryer on medium heat setting for forty-five minutes to an hour, depending upon hair density.

Carefully unroll and unbraid the each section; separate with fingers, but do not comb. Spray the hair with a light oil sheen product to prevent breakage. With a plastic, silicone coated hair styling pick use short, firm, upward, and outward strokes to deftly separate the strands of each coiled braid. Begin fluffing the hair initially near the scalp area, which will consolidate the hair sections and eradicate the partings. After fluffing is complete, use the hands to pat hair into a perfectly rounded shape. When the hair is symetrical, rounded, and in the desired shape, spray the entire head with a maximum hold hair spray or spritz, followed by oil sheen spray. Place the silk scarf over the hair, lightly pat, which will create a uniform and clean line.

This BAA Afro will result in compliments, requests for the stylist’s number, instructions on the procedure, and appreciative glances of approval. Your bad ass Afro will let the world know that you are unequivocally a proud individualist who is black and proud.

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