To properly care for color treated hair, time and attention are required, as well as the use of higher class, organic beauty products. Using low end beauty products with poor materials can permanently damage color treated hair, so it is important to find the right product which will leave hair undamaged and feeling soft. Using a good shampoo on color treated hair will help restore the hair’s natural shine and should help the hair dye not to fade.

Most non-organic hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that damage the hair in the dying process. Organic ways to take care of color treated hair include finding a shampoo which contains ingredients like honey, olive oil, babassu oil, and Brazil nut oil. This helps hair recover more quickly from the dying process. Shampoos containing the ingredients blue malva, calendula, and coneflower help moisturize and brighten the hair and restore it to its natural state.

Shampoos which contain antioxidants, such as mango fruit, green tea, and acai berry help prevent the dye’s color from fading, and ingredients such as shea butter and and organic cocoa will help strengthen the follicles of the hair. When looking for a good organic shampoo, these ingredients are essential.

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