It is amazing to know that one of the most beneficial things for your hair can most likely be found in your kitchen. Olive oil, or “liquid gold” is one of the most multi-purpose additives you can use for your hair. High in anti-oxidants, this miracle oil slows down the aging process of your hair & scalp. Its anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties keep your scalp free of germs that can impede & prevent hair growth.

The overall scalp & hair follicle are improved by simply the lubrication from this oil. It has been known to restore cell health & even heal scar tissue, allowing hair to grow where it once was barren. Aside from lubrication, olive oil has even been used as a really good moisturizer.

Because it is all natural & does not interfere with the chemical structure of hair, it is a safer bet than harsh chemicals. Olive oil also has cleansing properties for the scalp & it prevents DHT, the agent that decreases hair follicle size on the scalp until it is thin or non-existent, from growing.

Pre-Shampoo applications have also been shown to considerably soften hair. Basically, before you shampoo, just add 1/4 Cup of Olive Oil throughout your hair, then let it sit for about 20 minutes.

A popular Olive Oil Treatment requires adding Honey. Youtuber MyNaturalSistas shows a really amazing tutorial about using Olive Oil & Honey on a Natural Dry Hair Day.

No matter the method, you should definitely add olive oil to your hair care regimen.

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