Curly hair and African American hair have special challenges; the hair has a tendency to be dry. Knowing the proper conditioner for your hair type is important to keep the hair healthy. Water based conditioners penetrate the hair shaft, while oil based conditioners coat the hair shaft. The question is, oil based conditioners vs. water based conditioners, which should you use?

Both conditioners should be used, simultaneously. The water based first to penetrate the hair shaft, followed up by oil based conditioner to seal the moisture in. The moisturizing process should be done daily to keep the hair from drying out. Be especially careful when using heat related tools; be sure not to allow the hot product to stay on the hair for more than a few seconds.

There are so many good water based moisturizing conditioners out in the market place. Avoid moisturizing conditioners that contain mineral oil, petrolatum and heavy oils, they will coat the hair and not penetrate. Use Coconut oil after the moisture treatment it is the only oil that can penetrate the hair shaft. The best coconut oil is virgin coconut oil; you can use it as a daily treatment.

Choose good products specifically designed for your hair type; remember curly hair and African American hair needs special treatment and special products. Do not skip the moisture or oil conditioning treatments on your hair it will be well worth the effort.

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