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Natural Red Hair Dye

Vissa Studios Team October 25, 2011 Hair Dye Coloring, Hair Products, Natural Hair, Relaxed Hair 6 Comments

By Ronnie Williams

Store-bought dyes can sometimes be too harsh for gentle hair. If you are looking to change your hair color gently, why not use a homemade dye? Herbs such as Rosehips or cloves can be used to dye hair. Concentrate your solution based on the deepness of the hue you wish to achieve. Strong black coffee will also give hair a red tint, alone, or mixed with the rosehips and cloves.

Kool-Aid has also been a mixture used to color hair red. There are two Kool-Aid methods you can use, depending on how long you want the color to last.

Brunettes and darker should keep in mind that a bleaching may be in order if you wish for a bright red hue. Without the bleach, hair will acquire a red glow, or red undertones. If you decide to bleach, do NOT add the conditioner directly following, wait until after the dye, as the bleach’s conditioner will commit your hair to blonde and seal it off.

Cold Dye Method
2 Packets of UNSWEETENED Kool-Aid
2 Quarter-sized drops of Conditioner
(Mixture can be multiplied)
Apply to wet hair with gloves. Allow to set for a minimum of 1 hour.


Hot Dye Method
2 Packets of UNSWEETENED Kool-Aid
2-4 Cups of water for each package
Boil water and mix packets in until all lumps dissolve.
Dip hair into mixture or have someone pour mixture over head.
Let hair dry.
Rinse hair and condition well.



Do NOT forget to condition hair.

When taking the dye out, toothpaste can help expedite the process.

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