Every day, more and more beauty companies re-invent their goods to accommodate Eco conscious consumers. Advertising agencies promote these products with bold claims of all natural ingredients and superb quality.

Hair products are especially scrutinized by the FDA due to the influx of consumer complaints and misuse. Hair dyes and relaxers contain some of the most toxic ingredients, yet, are being sensationalized as being natural. Is there such thing as a natural permanent relaxer? Perm? Hair Dye?

Hair relaxers are specially formulated with chemical compounds to subdue frizz and straighten curly hair. Traditionally, sodium hydroxide was the sole active ingredient in relaxers; however, less potent combinations have emerged on the market such as “no lye” and “all natural” formulas. These newly revised concoctions is deceiving to the unsuspecting consumer. Just because it is less potent doesn’t make it less harmful.

So the question remains, is there such a thing as a natural permanent relaxer? The short answer is no, at least not in the sense that customers desire. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a natural permanent relaxer as of yet. There are; however, some products that are less evasive but not nearly as effective.

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