I think we are taking this natural hair revolution to another level. Discover the Pi Nappa Kappa, the all natural hair sorority, founded in 2010 by Leola Anifowoshe.

The Huffing Post reported

The group was founded earlier this summer by Leola Anifowoshe, the self-proclaimed authority on natural haircare, for women of “African descent.” (Clearly,the natural hair craze has reached a new level when a faux-Greek organization can be organized around it.)

Anifowoshe’s vision for Pi Nappa Kappa (“Nappa,” of course, isn’t a letter in the Greek alphabet, but an allusion to “natural” or “nappy” hair) is to serve as a group and space where natural hair enthusiasts can voice their concerns, share their stories and support each other towards a healthier lifestyle. The sorority operates under the Natural Healthy Hair Society, which is also run by Anifowoshe.

“It’s about sisterhood, that’s why I call it a sorority,” Anifowoshe told HuffPost BlackVoices.

Nearly 600 women have already pledged the sorority, but Anifowoshe’s goal is to have 10,000 members by the end of the year. There is no hazing or any formal ceremonies involved in the intake process. All that’s required is an electronic signature on the organization’s pledge document.


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We are getting out hand now. What if the new trend is bald? Is someone going to start an All Bald Sorority?


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