Making your own natural hair polish may not be quite as hard as one would think. Using just some simple ingredients you probably already own somewhere in your home you can make some high-efficiency, low-cost hair polish. Using just brown sugar and conditioner, mix one tablespoon of brown sugar for every 3 tablespoons of conditioner in a small bowl or measuring cup. The brown sugar will exfoliate the scalp, and get rid of dandruff while giving a nice polished look. Make sure to rub scalp in a circular motion, and rinse well with warm water or shampoo.

Another recipe you can use for a natural polish. Take a small bowl, or measuring cup, get out your honey and four cups of warm water. Mix one teaspoon of honey for every four cups of warm water. This should be an adequate dose for a single head of hair. Pour the mixture on the hair after a good shampoo, do not rinse out the hair and make sure to dry hair as you normally would. This hair polish is meant for African American hair and will not leave hair sticky to the touch, and has a low-profile sweet smell to it.

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  1. Skylar Williams

    Thank you for your tips to use honey or brown sugar to create your own hair polish. My sister-in-law has pretty kinky hair so we were looking for an ethnic hair polisher treatment solution. We will keep searching for a product if the honey and brown sugar don’t work.


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