Natural Hair Interview Styles in ParisWelcome to Natural Hair Interview Styles. Traveling abroad is always a good recipe for broadening one’s horizons.  Seeing and hearing what women are doing worldwide towards the natural hair revolution will hopefully encourage women to become and/or remain natural.  The following interview happened as I casually strolled through the Notre Dame courtyard in Paris.

I saw this fabulous young woman and she saw me. We instantly shared the natural hair connection although we’d never seen each other before.  With one glance I knew that she probably had the same hair products at home as I do, even though we live in different countries and may speak different languages.

As my new found natural friend and I chatted, giggled and touched each others hair, we found out how much we indeed had common.  May you find a similar connection whenever you travel out your front door.   Should you see another naturalista in your travels, stop and chat.  You never know how you will be inspired or whom you might inspire by your journey.


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Sharon is a Travel Writer and Natural Hair Vlogger. She was born in Queens, N.Y. and currently resides in the greater Philadelphia area. She has been natural for over 10 years, and has traveled the globe searching for ways to inspire, network and connect natural women worldwide. Her mission is to inspire women globally to become and remain natural. Subscribe to view inspiring interviews from natural women worldwide!

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