Black hair is beautiful! Most sisters have memories of sitting between Mama, and Big Mama’s thighs, getting their hair done. A comb through and scalp greasing were followed up with a pressing comb or getting braids. This was usually a Saturday deal so that you would be fresh for church the next day. What is happening today with little girls as young as three and four, receiving perms? Many mothers who use chemicals on their daughter’s hair, feel, that it’s simply easier to perm.

Listen up! Chemicals are damaging. Children don’t need them. Despite how the box reads, kiddie perms contain lye, the same agent that goes into adult chemical mixes. The lie promoted by hair companies is that a (chemical relaxer) perm is permanent. Not true, when perm wearers are encouraged to get a touch-up-up every six to eight weeks. A perm is a temporary fix, to manageable hair, that in truth, you can do yourself. Choosing to perm is a personal choice, if you decide to go the chemical route, it is best to seek out the services of a professional and keep regular appointments. Doing it yourself may lead to undesirable conditions. Length and sheen can be achieved while keeping hair in its glorious and natural state.

Keep in mind, that hair grooming is also, mother-daughter bonding time. Allowing black girls to experience their hair in its natural state is one way of promoting positive self-esteem. I takes time to groom and train hair properly, but it can be managed.

Natural Alternatives to Perms for Children’s Hair

Wearing hair natural, teaches our girls that they are beautiful just as they are. Try experimenting with twists, braids, and afros, and puffs.

Detangling hurts with children, take your time after shampooing when hair is tangled and matted. The same care should be exercised if hair hasn’t been oiled or combed through. It is essential that time be aside for proper hair grooming with products that make the experience less-threatening to little ones.

A good investment is a moisturizing and conditioning system like, the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Trio featured in the above video. If you are not ready to purchase an entire product line you can still get good results from individual products. Consider, Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner. You can find it at most drugstores for $5-$7. Make sure the products you choose are free of alcohol, which dries hair out by removing needed natural oils.

Don’t Forget Your Grooming Aids

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Spray bottle (for water)
  • Hair clasps
  • Brush
  • Leave in conditioner

Natural hair is beautiful and teaches little girls learn to love hair just as it is. Let’s celebrate it!

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