Recently, Naomi Campbell did a photo shoot in New York City and accidentally revealed her bald spots.  Is it the signs of times where women start staying away from the fake stuff and start wearing their own hair?

Understandably, she has been a supermodel for the past 15 years and needs to look perfect all the time, hence the weaves. However, this type of damage can not easily be undone.

This type of hair balding is called Traction Alopecia.  It is common with Black women due to tight braids, weaving, and hair pulling for long periods of time.

If you feel you may be experiencing or detect balding anywhere, there are not many options to reverse. But, if you do start seeing this let your hair loose and breathe. Instead of the weaves, try wigs and protect your natural hair. 

If you are already bald, then you would have to go to make an appointment in with your Dermatologists to figure out the best treatments for you. Worst case scenario you may have to have a hair transplant.

Hairstylist and Youtuber girlmyhair explains her history with Traction Alopecia and how it affected her as well as her journey with products to regrow back her hair.

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