Winter is upon us and that means protecting hair against dryness and breakage for the season. You may want to invest in products a bit more vigorously during the winter than in warmer months. A good deep conditioner and application every other week should do the job. A plastic cap and keeping conditioner in for the maximum amount of time listed on the instruction panel allows conditioner to do its job.

I’ve found that sleeping on a satin pillow case or wrapping my hair in a silk scarf at night helps deter breakage. While I love caps and hats I know that the scalp needs to breathe so once I’m indoors the cap comes off. I used to have a deep affinity for wool tams in an assortment of colors. Throwing these itchy, but pretty accessories on without a protective scarf can have a devastating effect on edges. It will peel them off like fine sand.

Shea ButterDeep conditioning, hot oil treatments and taking care to add light oil to your scalp two to three times per week will help you keep hair healthy during the winter. Another good rule to follow is to clip your ends every six weeks. You may experience two to three inches of growth by spring. Not bad for putting in the maintenance that does not have to break your wallet.

A Final Note:

Conditioner should be washed out within the time frame stated on the bottle. A leave-in-conditioner can be used to twist or braid hair while it is still wet and can stay in without fear of damage. A regular conditioner must be washed out. Leaving it in longer than recommended can strip hair of needed nutrients.

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