Curly hair needs a heavy moisturizer. The moisturizer has to be heavy enough to weigh the hair down and it needs to be applied in such a way that it will soak in until the ends of the hair. Most curly hair types are prone to dry ends because the scalps natural oils dry before they reach the ends of the hair. Here are the five best moisturizers for curly hair:

Coconut oil

This is probably the best natural moisturizer for hair. Use virgin coconut oil for your hair, not the plain coconut oil for cooking. This oil easily soaks through the hair shaft and works with your hair’s protein. It actually lessens protein loss from your hair shafts and is the only substance that will repair damaged cuticle layers. It is very greasy. Let it soak in your hair for a few hours, then wash off with shampoo and cold water.

Shea butter or shea oil

If you prefer shea butter or oil, which ever is easier to buy or apply, just be sure the shea product is pure and not over processed. Shea butter will moisturize hair and goes a bit further by preserving oil that is already in the hair. Unlike coconut oil, shea butter is non-greasy. Apply a small amount on wet hair for a more even distribution. Good as a leave in moisturizer.

Alaffia Coconut and Shea Daily Hydrating Conditioner

If you can’t stand using 100% coconut or shea, buy it as a processed product in a bottle. This is a great rinse out conditioner and smells like lemon. They donate 10% of profits back to West Africa. No silicone, light, can be used as a leave in.

Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream

This product will not define your curls, only use if you do not need defined curls. It is not the best styling product because of minimal hold. But it will work wonders for the most frizzy and curly ethnic hair types. Not good for loose curls, too heavy.

Trader Joes Nourish Spa

Used as a leave in or regular conditioner. It can also be used as a cowash or a shampoo substitute. This must be the most recommended commercial brand moisturizer for curly hair. Has a thick consistency and needs to be diluted with water. Smells good.

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