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What Moisturizers are Best for 4B Hair Type

Type 4 is the kinky hair type and this includes three subcategories – 4A, 4B, and 4C. Beyonce’s hair is categorized under 4A while Macy Gray’s is 4C, 4B hair type is somewhere between the two. Before we start with the best 4B type moisturizers, you must understand that kinky hair is the driest hair type among all 4 hair types. Because of this, it is more prone to breakage, to tangles, and other kinds of hair damage. The fragility of the kinky hair needs a gentler touch, a more sensitive haircare approach, and absolutely avoid harsh chemicals that would cause further hair drying.

The best moisturizers for 4B hair type are mostly DIY whipped up concoctions using raw materials such as shea butter, olive oil, glycerine, coconut oil, castor oil, distilled water, and honey. The driest portion of a 4B hair type is at the ends and most of the time, conditioners alone do not seal in essential oils for your hair. This is why you need a hair moisturizer to seal in oils and moisture to avoid frizzy and dry hair. You may add oil or honey to your conditioner prior to application and rub raw shea butter on the tips of your hair after conditioning. You can also whip some shea butter, preferred oil, glycerine, and equal parts of distilled water in a spray bottle for you to carry around all day. You can use this spritz of leave in moisturizer anytime to freshen your hair up especially when you spend most of your time walking under the sun.

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