Minoval is a hair growth treatment that has been in use in Haiti since 1984. It does contain minoxidil. It is a 2% formula of Minoxidil. Along with the hair growth, minoxidil can also cause small drops in blood pressure (producing fainting). Having extensively studied hair thinning and hair loss, the makers of Minoval have established themselves as leading experts in the science and treatment of this condition, for men and for women.

It is applied directly to the scalp and does not affect women’s hormones. A prescription is not necessary. Less than 10% of users complain about scalp irritation. The usual “pregnant or nursing women shouldn’t use Minoval” applies. The scientific research shows Minoval is safe and effective as no major side effects were reported by the dermatologists who conducted extensive clinical studies. However there still has a caution on using it; pregnant or nursing women do not use Minoval.

In comparison between these two choice for Minoval is better because one can Stop using it, but Minoxidil when one stop using it you hair falls out so you have to use it for ever.

There is a lot of hair care products related with minoval such as minoval shampoo, minoval lotion. These hair care products claim that they stimulate and enlarge hair follicles that have shrunken over time due to a combination of hormonal activity and heredity. They also prolongs the growth period of hair, repairs the scalp from the damages caused by using hair relaxer or the sun and prepare your scalp for new growth

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    my daughter who had a bald spot in her hair, applied Minoval oil twice daily for a month and I truly can not believe how much her hair has grown…I am going to get some to use on my own hair….I am so excited…I RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL!!


    • Tonia

      Hi Dionnem- Did your daugher use the drops or the Minovak growth aide in the jar?


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