It all starts with a small animal known best and bred for it’s silky soft smooth fur. The animal is called a mink. Minks are farmed especially for their fur as it’s a most sought after and luxurious fur product.

Products have been developed using the mink’s fur for many things. Mink coats may first come to mind but most recently mink fur has been developed into products such as, false eyelashes which help create the long, longer, longest and fullest look possible to accentuate a women’s eyes.
In addition, hair extensions or weaves as they are also known, are also made with mink fur which can be woven into a woman’s hair for an appealing look.

In reviewing available products on the market you will find several to choose from. There are a choice of colors to suit your needs. Choose a like color to blend with your own hair color or choose a stand out color that far from resembles your own color.

If possibly you are thinking any of the products are a bit pricey, make sure to consider the quality of mink. Though mink coats for most are unaffordable, they are still very much considered a desirable item! Thus, the beauty products made from quality mink is also desirable but not considered out of reach for affordability.

The term 50% minks are products containing 50% mink fur with the remaining 50% of content made of synthetic fibers or possibly human hair. If quality is desired choose products with which the label states 50% minks. The higher the content of mink in the product, the softer and smoother it will feel to the touch.

So splurge a little! Go shopping and compare products. Make sure to read the label stating the fiber content percentage for a best buy.

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