Both Microlinking and Malaysian Weaving are non-surgical, non-permanent methods of hair transplant and are relatively cheaper. This is safe and is only for external application. Should you want to try another method or another hairstyle, the strands can easily be removed by professionals and reputed salons.



Microlinking is a new method to add extensions by using tiny micro-rings at the end of attachments. There is no wax or hot glue applied, so it is safe for those who wish to add extensions but whose hair and scalp are too thin and sensitive. By interlocking strand by strand, it does not cover the whole head. Microlinking also uses pre-tipped natural human hair to highlight colour.

It is a good alternative for those who want to add some colour and depth but do not want the application of chemicals. The extensions can last up to two and a half months. Because it is strand by strand application, it may take a few hours to apply. However, experts and other professionals may have varied time for application, it is important to supervise its careful attachment and not be mindful of speed.

Microlinking can last up to 2.5 months (depending on hair growth rate & length) & starts at around $250 to apply, although some salons may charge by the hour.

Tools that are used:

Malaysian Weaving Technique

Malaysian Hair Weaving Technique

The Malaysian Weave is also a fast and safe method for adding in extensions. The Malaysian Weave does not make use of glue, wax or braids. With a single thread at the scalp, a row of wefted hair can give natural-looking volumized hair. One plus tip for Malaysian weave is that it can be styled and shampooed anywhere, like in the home or in a spa or salon. It is a wash-and-wear type of extension. This type allows for your natural hair to grow and has a breezy appeal to it. There is silicone in the strands that cushion and protect natural growing hair from the scalp. It also lasts up to two months with proper care. The Malaysian Weave may take shorter for applying extensions to the scalp compared to Microlinking, although it is one of the quick weaves.

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