• Instant chamomile tea bags
• Liquid chamomile extract
• Yogurt
• Lavender oil
• Shower cap
• Dried chamomile flowers
• Mild commercial shampoo
• Colander
• Safflower, sunflower or olive oil
• Sealable bottle or jar

• Bring 1 cup of water to a rapid boil.
• Reduce the heat and drop in 8 chamomile tea bags. Allow them to simmer for at least 15 minutes.
• Remove the pot from the stove.
• Remove the tea bags from the water. You can dispose of them or save them for use in other chamomile remedies.
• Add 1/4 tsp. of lavender oil to the water.
• Stir in 1 cup of yogurt. Don’t use fancy-flavored yogurts, as this mixture will be going in your hair.
• Mix well to ensure that all the ingredients have been evenly blended.
• Massage the mixture into your hair. From tip to root, make sure that your hair is completely covered.
• Cover your hair with a shower cap. Make sure that all your hair is tucked inside. Leave the shower cap on for 30 minutes.
• Take the shower cap off and wash your hair. Use a regular shampoo and warm water. You might want to wash your hair more than once to make sure that all the chamomile rinse has been washed away.
• Allow your hair to dry naturally. When it does, your hair should have a natural chamomile glow. Repeat the process as necessary to achieve the desired look.

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